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Operator Training Simulator

A safer environment through a hands-on approach

K-Spice® Train is an operator training simulator that duplicates the real-life conditions they will encounter.

The learning experience that K-Spice Train offers can reduce risks and maximise returns by training personnel in a safe, virtual environment.

New personnel are prepared with the knowledge required to operate the facility before actual start-up. Experienced personnel are drilled in handling routine and emergency operations. 

Our Operator Training Simulator systems connect the dynamic-simulator model to an exact replica of the control system. This provides an in-depth knowledge of the process and the automation control. Realistic training provides safe and efficient operations minimizing risk and increasing production performance.

Realistic training for:

  • Process and control system familiarisation
  • Complete process start-up using standard operating procedures
  • Planned process shutdowns and production changes
  • Unplanned shutdowns and emergencies

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