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Process Simulation

Increase safety, reduce costs, and save time

Dynamic process simulation helps prepare for plant start-up and optimal operation and improves efficiency in all project phases, reducing cost and saving time.

The KONGSBERG multipurpose dynamic simulator is a powerful solution for detailed design and verification of processes and control systems throughout all life-of-field phases of an oil and gas field development from FEED to start-up.

A set of real-time products within the K-Spice software suite directly benefit day-to-day operations. Real-time dynamic simulation solutions are specifically aimed at running 24/7 alongside the field production operations. The use of a real-time simulation model provides you a wide range of critical information that can't be measured and monitors oil and gas production throughout the operational life of the field. 

The benefits of our K-Spice® solutions for production assurance include:

  • Shorter project schedules
  • Increased learning opportunities
  • Improved safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced costs

Our success can be measured by the more than 300 dynamic simulation studies, 100 customised Operator Training Simulators, and 20 real-time production assurance solutions we have provided for major oil and gas operators worldwide.