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K-Sim® Offshore

The search for oil and gas is moving into deeper and harsher waters. This increases the load on anchor-handlers, who are often working to the limits of their capabilities and in some cases beyond. Offshore Vessel Simulators has a significant role to play in ensuring and securing the safety and efficiency of this working environment.

In advanced offshore operations, sophisticated equipment and highly trained crew are extremely important. Practicing standard procedures and emergency situations prior to a mission is crucial to ensure safety and efficiency during often complex operations. While training on actual vessels, rigs and cranes can be too costly, risky or impractical, simulation training provides the best solution to ensure your crew performs with the precision and high standards required.

Training Solution that enhance safety and efficiency

The K-Sim Offshore simulator offers a unique, complete and structured method to test procedures and build competence. It meets the training needs of the offshore industry and provides a virtual, yet fully realistic training environment where mistakes can become lessons learnt without risking lives or damage to vessels, equipment or the environment.

Training Possibilities

K-Sim Offshore's flexibility enables an unrivalled variety of training possibilities including anchor handling, ship handling in an offshore environment, emergencies and advanced integrated team training scenarios; where every aspect of a demanding operation is simulated in real-time.

Some training examples:

  • Platform Support
  • Anchor & Deck Equipment Handling
  • DP Operations
  • ROV Launch & Recovery
  • Rig Move & Anchor Handling
  • Winch Control
  • Towing & Tugging
  • Offshore Crane Lifting
  • Ship-to-Ship Lifting
  • Sub-Sea Lifting
  • Buoy and Tandem Loading
  • Jack-Up Operations
  • Wind Farm Installations
  • Plouging
  • Dredging
  • Ballast Control & Stability
  • Aft Deck Seismic Streamer Handling
  • Power Management

Integrated team training

K-Sim Navigation_integrated training.jpg

Working together and understanding how all roles on board have an effect on operations is vital for ensuring safety and efficiency. By integrating different Kongsberg simulators, entire crews can perform mission planning, test procedures and exercise best practise, communication and interaction in order to prepare them for almost any day-to-day or emergency scenario they may encounter in real life.


K-Sim Offshore is the essence of high-fidelity simulation. It has a modular design and can be equipped with all the instrumentations and controls necessary to operate a wide variety of workplaces, such as offshore support vessel forward and aft bridges, mobile offshore unit control room and crane operator cabin.

The visual system, Sea View, is based on sophisticated 3D-technology. It has the power to present realistic and detailed re-creations of vessel movement, exercise areas, time of day, environments, weather and sea conditions, as if seen from an actual work place.

An extensive fleet of ship models facilitates a range of training scenario possibilities and advanced hydrodynamic modelling ensures that ship models and objects perform as they do in real life.

Accurate real-time physical modelling ensures that for instance anchor chains, lines and crane wires, behave realistically with the tension and forces exhibited in the real world. All objects in the visual scene behave realistically with rigid body dynamics, friction and collision detection, which is extremely important for a realistic learning experience.

Instructor System

K-Sim Offshore Instructor.jpg

K-Sim Offshore is controlled by an advanced instructor system, where the lecturer can create training scenarios in real-time. With a multitude of variables of vessel models, objects and equipment, geographical exercise area and environmental conditions the instructor can create realistic training scenarios. To train critical operations the instructor can introduce different types of faults, which can be set on equipment on board, propulsion problems, fire or other.

A student evaluation system allows automatic recording of all activities and monitoring and assessment of student performance has never been easier!

K-Sim Offshore ensures that the current and next generation of offshore vessel crew approach offshore operations with precision and high standards, making operations safer, more efficient and ultimately more profitable.


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