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K-Sim® Fishery

K-Sim Fishery

for safe and sustainable fisheries

K-Sim® Fishery is a state-of-the-art new simulator solution especially made to build competence for students and crew onboard fishing vessels. The simulator solution enables thorough training in fish-finding, catching and maneuvering of a fishingvessel improving safety and economy whilst also supporting a more sustainable fishery.

Meeting the industry’s training requirements 

K-Sim Fishery meets the training requirements of new STCW requirements for fishery (STCW-F) and DNV GL’s certification standards. The training solution simulates a fishing vessel in all sorts of environments and weather conditions, and is fully equipped with ships bridge equipment and fishing instruments. It facilitates the exact type of training the fishermen need in order to build competence in handling advanced fishing gear and safely operating a fishing vessel in the often harsh conditions. 

Learning objectives

With K-Sim fishery students are able to perform fishery exercises where they train on utilizing the vessel’s equipment, optimize working hours and fuel consumption, choose the best routes and vessel position, and carry out appropriate maneuvers to control the fishing gear to ensure quantity and quality of the catch. The system allows students to familiarize with as well as operate different types of fishing gear, while building understanding that different fishing techniques require different approaches and that different fish species behave in different ways. Further, they will learn how to plan a fishing campaign, find, catch, and safely and efficiently store the fish, whilst monitoring vessel stability during the loading process.

"The investment in the new K-Sim Fishery simulator is a very important contribution for us in the northern part of Norway. It enables us to build on the future of fishing, In addition to education in safe and efficient navigation and ship handling for fishing, practice on the simulator’s search and catch instrumentation will help both new and veteran fishermen perform better. The simulator will also enable increased competence and career progression for crew who wish to further develop skills in navigation and in new and different fishing methods to meet today’s higher standards of fish quality.”
Finn Axel Hartvigsen, Manager Maritime Department, Lofoten Vocational School

The benefits of K-Sim Fishery simulator include: 

  • Enables competence building to improve safety and economy in fishing
  • Meets STCW-F and DNV GL’s (class A) training requirements
  • Realistic training scenarios through advanced simulation of vessel- and equipment behaviour in a realistic hydrodynamic, physical and visual environment. 
  • Realistic fishfinding training by integration of real marketleading Simrad fishing gear, such as: Beam Echo Sounder and Omni Directional Sonar,
  • Training efficiency in purse seine, trawl and long line operations
  • Familiarising and training of Catch Monitoring System
  • Full instructor control of simulated exercise incl. replay and assessment
  • Possibilities to expand and re-configure the system to adapt to changing training needs

A complete system to build competence 

K-Sim Fishery is designed as a fishing vessel bridge with all necessary bridge and navigation equipment for fish finding and catching, including winches for handling fishing equipment such as purse seine, trawl and long line. Both the vessel and equipment behave as in real-life due to the simulator’s advanced physical engine. Integrated with Simrad real fishery echo sounders, sonars and catch monitoring systems, K-Sim Fishery will form a complete system for the education and competence development of fishing vessel crew. 

K-Sim Fishery PurseSein and Trawl_web.jpgThe illustration above shows an overview of the standard equipment of an DNV GL Class A simulator configuration, whereas the * indicates the additional instruments and equipment needed to accommodate fishery exercises on a typical Class A bridge simulator.

The flexibility in K-Sim Fishery enables a wide range of simulator system deliveries from desktop to full mission bridge configuration. It can be delivered either as a stand-alone system or as an integrated module to marketleading KONGSBERG bridge simulators like K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Offshore

K-Sim Fishery_desktop design_web.jpg

Illustration above: K-Sim Fishery, standard DNV GL Class C (FISH) training solution

K-Sim Fishery  for trawling_web.jpg

Illustration above: K-Sim Fishery, standard DNV GL Class A (FISH) fwd and aft bridge for trawl training

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