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Maritime Simulation

Kongsberg Digital provides advanced simulation systems for maritime education, training and studies. Our wide range of simulators enables you to provide efficient and realistic training of students and crew in order to build vital skills that promotes safety, cost-efficiency and sustainability in operations at sea.

K-Sim® simulators provides:

  • Realistic real-time simulation
  • Compliance with STCW, DNV GL and NI requirements
  • Support from mandatory STCW training to advanced integrated crew training for maritime, naval and offshore industries
  • Efficient tool to educate students and crew in vital skills enhancing knowledge, safety and cost-efficiency at sea
  • Flexibility in configuration to meeting your budget and training objectives with a range from desktop to full mission systems
  • User-friendly instructor system making it easy to control and monitor exercises, evaluate and objectivily assess students performance
  • Decision support through advanced simulation of complex maritime operations supporting pre-mission planning, feasibility studies and a wide range of research projects
  • 24/7 service and support world-wide