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Simulator Training allows sea-time reduction

The Nautical Institute - NI training scheme for obtaining a Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) certificate is a time consuming process, which involves onshore courses and DP watch keeping experience on DP vessels.

With K-Sim®, DP it is possible to implement a steeper learning curve through intensive and realistic training on complex DP scenarios. The Nautical Institute has recently released a set of simulator requirements, whereas the highest class, NI-A, is a full mission DP simulator intended for running sea-time reduction training.

The equivalent class from Det Norske Veritas is DNV Class A(DP). Certain intensive DP courses conducted on a compliant class NI-A simulator will have the possibility to significantly reduce the necessary period of supervised DP watch keeping.

Sea-time reduction courses

Three types of courses currently allows sea-time reduction according to Nautical Institutes requirements:

  • Intensive DP simulator training
  • Shuttle tanker offshore loading courses
  • DP competence, assurance and practice training (DPCAP)

Currently if completed, a one week Sea Time Reduction course it is counted as 30 days DP sea time and will reduce 30 days of Phase D in the NI Training Scheme. For more details, please consult the Nautical Institute