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Integrated systems for extended training possibilities

The position reference systems are vital components in a DP system and play an important role during simulator based training.

Interfaces are available to position reference systems delivered by KONGSBERG as well as third party products. Examples are satellite navigation systems, hydroacoustic position reference systems like HiPAP®, laser based system such as CyScan® and Fanbeam® and radar based systems including RADius® and Artemis®. Operator stations with user interface are available for DGPS, HiPAP®, Artemis® and RADius® and more user interfaces are under development.

Power Management

Knowledge and operational experience of the power management system is vital during DP operations. Blackout of main electrical power to thrusters or the vessel control system is a critical situation. From experience and incident data onboard DP vessels, it is clear that training of operators against correct routines and procedures on board is vital to understand the vessel's power and thrust redundancy. KONGSBERG has considerably improved the power management simulation in the latest release of the simulation software. The new features are implemented using the instructor station to operate the engineer position during training. K-Sim® DP instructors has full access to the vessel's power plant and distribution system and may introduce errors and breakdowns.

Available upgrade packages

For customers interested in the new simulator concepts several upgrade packages are available:

  • Operator interface for RADius®, HiPAP®, Artemis® etc. – position reference systems with user interface
  • cJoy® system – independent joystick system widely used on vessels
  • Vertically mounted screens – for enhanced vertical visual scene
  • Additional consoles and hardware panels – to increase realism
  • Additional offshore simulation modules – extended functionality like crane or anchor handling operation
  • Specialised simulation of specific real offshore operations including operation concept studies