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The K-Sim Engine MaK 8M32C Trawler M11 model simulates a stern trawler with asingle installation MaK 8M32C medium speed (four stroke) diesel engine connectedto CP propeller. The main engine model respond dynamically to variations in operation and conditions of the ship model and the ship model have mutual responsesto the main engine model.

The electrical power plant includes two diesel generators and one shaft generator.The steam plant includes oil fired boiler and auxiliary boiler. Control room operatorstation and panels as well as bridge and steering panels are included. The trawlerhas a refrigeration system with two compartments.

Training objectives

The K-Sim Engine MaK 8M32C Trawler M11 model is designed to be a valuable toolin the basic and advanced training of marine engineers. The training objectives areto train junior engineers in basic engine room operations, senior engineers in emergency operations and trouble shooting, and to train senior and chief engineersin optimal operation, fuel economy and energy conservation. This is achieved bycontrolled training, leading to better understanding of the total plant operation, asa result of realistic simulation of a real engine room.

Compliant with industry requirements

Kongsberg Digital simulator models exceed requirements in the STCW convention, Regulation 1/12 and fulfill DNV GL’s standard DNVGL-ST-0033 for MaritimeSimulator Systems.


High fidelity engine room systems include:

  • Propulsion Plant: 1 MaK medium speed main engine
  • Gear system: Single shaft CPP
  • Integrated Automation System
  • Alarm and Safety Warning System
  • Control and Power Management System
  • Propulsion Control System
  • Seawater Auxiliary Cooling System
  • Exhaust System
  • Lubrication oil Filling, Transfer and Purification Systems
  • Emergency generator
  • Diesel generator Sets and Support Systems
  • Shaft generator and Support Systems
  • Electric Power Supply Conversion Equipment
  • Switchboards, distribution, and Panels for Electric Power and Lighting
  • Refrigeration System Fire main (Seawater System)
  • Ballast system
  • Freshwater System/Freshwater Production System
  • Potable Water System
  • Freshwater auxiliary Cooling Systems
  • Fuel Systems including Separator systems
  • Compressed air Systems
  • Steam Plant incl. oil fired boiler
  • Bilge separator system
  • Bow Thruster
  • Steering gear
  • Fire detection System
  • Water Mist System
  • Deck Machinery
  • Sewage Treatment

Note: Specifications subject to change without any further notice