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Product Roadmap Update: What has happened in Q2 & Q3?

Since the launch of Vessel Insight Developer Portal in March our Product team has been working hard to extend the integration capabilities of Vessel Insight – and have added several interesting features that will bring additional value to our customers and partners:

In April we added a Voyage API to the portal. The Voyage API offers our partners and customers endpoints for retrieving useful voyage related information, such as:

  • Vessel position and related weather details at that position for a specific time period
  • Historical vessel voyage details containing both origin and destination
  • Information of current voyage for a set of vessels

The Voyage API is based on AIS data and applies logic in order to decode the AIS destination fields and detect the start of new voyages.

In August we have also extended our existing Timeseries API. The Timeseries API provides customers and partners already with information about different vessel performance parameters, such as e.g. position, speed, draft, heading as well as different engine performance KPIs over time. The new endpoints included will allow now even easier integration for our partners by providing easier lookup functions & removing existing uncertainties in data units.

Both APIs can be used by partners to integrate information of connected vessels easily into their existing partner solutions. Current test runs with several partners and customers on live ships have generated great feedback, so that we are now looking forward to using the APIs towards a broad audience. If you want to learn more more or try the API within a simulated environment, just check out our developer portal here.