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SiteCom Well Advisor

by Kongsberg Digital

The next generation digital oilfield solutions for real-time drilling and decision support

SiteCom® Well Advisor was developed in conjunction with BP as a real-time advisory solution for well operations. By leveraging the existing industry leading SiteCom® solution, SiteCom Well Advisor takes real-time data management to the next level as a decision support system integrating data with predictive tools and processes. This supports the delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time allowing for more informed decisions during critical operations.

Optimise operational decisions with real-time advisory tools

The raw information and derived analytical results are integrated into standardised consoles, designed around proven best practice workflows, displaying information from complex operations for all parties working on a well. Teams can understand critical information better, improve well operations efficiency, and minimise HS&E and operational risks using these consoles. Already proven in the field, SiteCom Well Advisor has saved many millions of dollars through reduced non-productive time.