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SiteCom® Discovery

by Kongsberg Digital

Flexible and powerful viewer application with multiple widgets, displays and custom-made displays.

SiteCom Discovery™ is our powerful, flexible yet highly intuitive web interface connected to the SiteCom® data hub. As the ‘front-end’ interface, SiteCom Discovery is the most advanced visualisation tool on the market for monitoring Drilling & Evaluation (D&E) activity and recalling data. All SiteCom® D&E data, from raw and calculated curves, static objects such as lithology and BHA, and LWD images to SiteCom® generated analysis, trends and KPIs are made available in a user-friendly manner via a standard desktop web browser.

SiteCom Discovery includes a 3D display that shows current, historical and planned wellbores. All parameters that can be displayed as 2D logs, images or lithology columns can also be displayed simultaneously at the correct depth along the axis of the wellbore in real-time.

User defined ‘layers’ allowing the viewer to easily represent formation tops or fluid contacts, caliper-based wellbore profiling, ellipses of uncertainty and offset measurement can also be displayed to provide a ‘bigger picture’ view for applications such as parameter correlation, geosteering, planning, and collision avoidance.