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K-Spice Match

by Kongsberg Digital

Real- time Production Optimization and Performance System

Connect your process model to real plant data to compare and replicate plant behavior.

K- Spice Match enables the possibility to initialize a process model with process data from the real plant. This is a major improvement compared to traditional methods, where a process model must be run manually to match a specifc condition. With K- Spice Match, the model is connected to the real plant, and follows the status of reality at all times. This makes it possible to create an initial condition for your model at any time, and you can start your study or training session with fresh conditions. The process model following the real plant operation provides confdence to the process engineer.

System components

Real- time Simulator:

• A process simulator that runs in parallel with the real process, synchronized with the plant control system

Case Manager:

• Application that store/archive model back-ups and process condition fles

OPC HDA Communication Link:

• Link between the online simulator and the plant historian

OPC DA Communication Link:

• Transfer operating commands from plant to model control system

Data Comparison Application:

Features & benefts

Connect the model to real plant data

• Replicate the plant status and behavior
• Validate simulator model
• Data comparison

Realistic starting point – any time

• Initialize “what-if” simulations, optimize simulations and training simulator sessions
• Perform incident re-runs
• More relevant and realistic training

Share between departments and disciplines

• Distribution of initial conditions and complete model backups
• Share simulation cases and models

Re-use of existing models

• Effective maintenance of the simulator model

• Model vs. plant measurements including residual calculation and alarms