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K-Spice Learn

by Kongsberg Digital

Generic Training Simulator

K-Spice® Learn is a series of Generic Training Simulator models from Kongsberg Digital, designed specially for learning and training purposes. The K-Spice Learn process models consist of typical process equipment and control loops, and has high-fidelity modules that accurately reflect the behaviour of a real process. The models are robust and accurate over a wide range of operating conditions and is able to run both in real time and faster than real time. Extensive and detailed documentation such as user manual, process description, and operating manuals are delivered with the K-Spice Learn process models.

The simulator is an excellent visual aid to help enhance the learning experience, and is designed to create a safe and informative environment for expanding knowledge in an effective way. Training can be set up for varying degrees of difficulty and adapted to target specific skills. The simulator is suitable for students and trainees as well as experienced personnel in several disciplines including chemical, process and automation engineers, operators and operation support staff.


  • Control room set-up

    The simulator is used in instructor- operator mode. The instructor runs a simulator model and the operators/trainees operate on the same model. The Instructor supervises the training and can activate pre-defined training scenarios.

  • Classroom set-up

    Each station runs in a stand-alone mode on a separate simulator model, independent of other stations. The instructor can log on each trainee station to supervise the training from the instructor station. Automatic training and assessment scenarios can be activated on each station.

  • Automatic Exercise and Assessment Tool

    The K-Spice Exercise Manager enables the instructor to build automated exercises for evaluating the operator in an objective manner. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface the instructor can effectively configure, execute and document the training sessions, and manage the overall assessment of the students. Each exercise typically comprises of triggers, actions, and an assessment including reports. The triggers can be configured in many different
    combinations (easy and advanced) that allow the instructor to define almost any type of student KPI or trigger action.