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K-Spice Design


Analyse and verify process, control and safety system design for optimization of your facility

  • process design verification

  • Control and safety analysis

  • Design optimisation for a plant facility

K- SpiceDesign is a dynamic simulator that allows the user to carry out a wide range of detailed engineering tasks, such as; process design verification, control and safety analysis, debottlenecking and design optimisation for a plant facility. K-Spice Design allows models to be build using minimal (FEED) data at an early stage in a project for early design analysis, which can then be developed in stages as data becomes available, into a high fidelity representation of the production facility.

K-Spice Design dynamic simulator consists of a large library of typical and unique process equipment and control logic features used to build a flow sheet replica of a process facility. It offers unrivalled capability in the full integration of multi-phase pipelines and wells into a plant model using LedaFlow multiphase simulation software with full connectivity and visibility of the subsea model with a single graphical interface.

The thermodynamics and models build in K-Spice Design are extremely robust and accurate over a wide-range of operating conditions and are able to run both in real time and faster than real time to facilitate quick dynamic studies. It offers a range of flexible thermodynamic approaches including filly rigorous options where the highest fidelity is required. Development of K-Spice Design is done closely with our Clients and users to ensurethat the work process for building, and running a high fidelity model is as efficient as possible.

The software includes advanced tools for data import, estimating, and consistency checking to help reduce build time, ensure model quality and, through the early identification of design issues; reduce overallproject engineering and build costs. K-Spice is extensively used in the modelling of oil and gas production facilities, LNG, FLNG, energy and power production by KONGSBERG, engineering companies, oil companies and academic institutions.

Benefits and features

  • Benefits

    • Early detection of design issues
    • Increased multi-discipline knowledge in the engineering team
    • Process familiarization
    • Reuse of model for control system check.out, training and opera-tional support



    • Dynamic process simulation tool developed by KONGSBERG


    • Advanced transient multiphase flow simulator developed and owned by TOTAL, ConocoPhillips, SINTEF and KONGSBERG


    • K-Spice is supported by Kognifai -KONGSBERG’s next generation digital platform
  • Features

    Features - process design verification

    • Increase the understanding of process interactions and Dynamics between system components and process modules
    • Development and verification of process design
    • Ensure that design limits are not exceeded during transient operations
    • Support HAZOP studies, allowing teams to objectively assess the effect of each scenario
    • Equipment sizing and specification
    • Analysis and verification of compressor system design and safety
  • Features - control philosophy verification

    • Development and verification of control strategies. The integrated nature of field design imposes significant limitations on operating envelope. Integrated models are essential in evaluating the control strategy over the range of operation during the life of field
    • Increase the understanding of the interactions between process and control dynamics in the engineering team
    • Load balancing
    • Sensitivity to process distrubances and upsets
    • Compressor studies - trips, start-ups and shutdown sequences and antisurge control
    • Development and verification of the operational procedures

    Features - safety system analysis

    • Test how the process will behave during a process shutdown
    • Verify that the shutdown logic protects the process
    • Test the ability to reset all active shutdowns and start up the process after complete process shutdown
    • Detailed testing of all causes and effects including inter-trips and blowdown sequences
    • Investigate integrity of safety systems

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