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K-Spice Assure

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High-fidelity engineering studies for combined multiphase pipelines and process systems made easy

KONGSBERG’s K-Spice Assure enables process, production and flow assurance engi-neers to carry out high-fidelity dynamic simulation-based studies when a combina-tion of process equipment with single/multiphase pipeline is also required.

In addition to the fully featured K-Spice Design software, multiphase pipe moduls are included to allows users to work on integrated multiphase pipelines and process models. The product comes with a seamless installer and combined licensing to support a fully integrated workflow.

Benefits and Features

  • Benefits

    Imroves understanding

    • Engineers can study effects of multiphase pipeline dynamics on their process equipment and vice versa.
    • Allows for independent evaluation of multiphase pipeline design from process engineering perspective

    Improves efficiency

    • A seamless workflow enables efficient multiphase pipelines + process engineering studies
    • A single tool combined allows for minimal impact from software and license installation issues
  • Features

    • Includes all features of K-Spice Design, our dynamic engineering process simulator
    • Includes dynamic well/pipe moduls, that work seamlessly with process equipment such as Slug Catchers, Separators, Pumps, Compressors and more.
    • Work either on stand-alone process studies OR combined multiphase pipelines + process studies
    • Compressor studies
    • Chemical injection studies
    • Water hammer studies
    • Well operations studies (including ESP)
    • Closed loop gas lift studies
    • Slugging effects on topsides studies
    • Production startup studies
    • Control philosophy studies
    • Slugging related instabilities in process pip
  • System Platform

    • K-Spice ® - Dynamic process simulation tool developed by KONGSBERG
    • LedaFlow ® - Advanced transient multiphase flow simulator developed and owned by Total, ConocoPhillips, SINTEF and KONGSBERG.
    • Kognifai ® - K-Spice and LedaFlow engines available through Kognifai - KONGSBERG’s next generation digital platform.

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