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Global Statistics Platform

by Marine Benchmark

Provides global business intelligence to your organization
  • Benchmark your data towards an average of similar vessels in its segment.

  • Benchmark your data towards competitors.

  • Complement missing sensor data history with calculated data.

Marine Benchmark is a one stop statistics provider for maritime organizations.

Our global statistics platform holds a wide range of global business intelligence data from AIS, the shipping market and the financial industry

Consume or integrate data in a wide range of ways:

  • Consume data with our well-tailored web applications. Over time they will be launched in Kognifai one by one.
  • Embed graphics in your own systems from our graphical object library.
  • Consume statistics from our enormous maritime statistics platform via cloud database or via any of our over 120 000 API calls (API - Application programmers interface).

Making shipping transparent

Technical Information

A short description of Marine Benchmark processes:

Marine Benchmark Global Vessel Simulator - Forming the total global picture - A data model simulating global shipping and monitor vessels in all angles. Calculation for the complete global fleet of 70,000+ vessels from daily basis up to full aggregation. The statistical daily platform consists in total close to 300 parameters includes Speed, distance, utilization, transport work, fuel used, emissions etc. During the 2019 the model will also have a full weather and oceanographic module exposing the world fleet to global 6-hour weather history and forecast.

Marine Benchmark Global Voyage Simulator – The ultimate tool for global trade and competitor analysis - Based on over 6,000 ports, load and discharge installations, 17,000 terminals and 34,000 berths, a voyage simulator covering over 95 % of all actual vessel voyages performed from 1 Jan 2009 to now, consisting of over 30 million voyages performed. The verification is made on actual vessel voyages in cooperation with a number of operators and cargo owners for a large number of vessels in different segments. Voyage statistics incl. distance, speed, speed profile, time at sea, in port/anchor, intake in metric ton and utilization, commodity movements, fuel used, emissions etc. forms a powerful base for commodity trade analysis, tonnage movement analysis, competitor analysis etc. within the commodity trade and shipping sector globally. Environmental footprint and national assesments can also be made.

Inaccuracies and risks:

Accuracy in data is depending on the measurement in question. For time (time steaming, time still etc.), distance and speed, with 10 minutes sampling, the accuracy is high and should be within a few percentages in average. Affecting factors are e.g. bad coverage and interpolations. Geographical accuracy has to do with the time point of entrance in e.g. ports. The accuracy should be equally as good.

Mean of delivery:

BI platform apps – Marine Benchmark hosts a well-developed fully web based (editorial work and consumption) BI platform for MB products and projects. In the product range there are products for many different areas and actors within the maritime cluster. A number of the products will be marketed through Kognifai and more and more introduced over time. Stay tuned!

API – The API (Application programmers interface) is created to be able to get On Demand data into applications super quick. You can chose from any of our over 120 000 time series calls for retrieving precise information for any vessel, group of vessels, segments, owner, operator country statistics etc.

Besides vessel related data, Marine Benchmark holds a large number of general maritime data series such as bunker prices, freight rates etc. We also hold a large number of financial key time series such as interest rates, ROE, GDP, national and international key indicators.

For system developers and others we have created a API configurator where you can tailor and test your calls in a intuitive way. There are also a number of formats supported e.g. JSON and XML etc. 

Graphical object library - The object library is a service connected to our web server platform. It enables customers to embed web and graphical objects supplied by Marine Benchmark into their normal intranet and extranet. It can also be used on a screen e.g. showing a fleet’s current position or any trend diagram.

FTP – The old traditional ftp (file transfer protocol) is of course also supported.

We believe Kongsberg’s new platform and Marine Benchmark global statistics platform will be a perfect match. To put data in context across categories is a valuable way to elevate experience and insights in many areas.
Torbjörn Rydbergh, CEO, Marine Benchmark

Marine Benchmark started 2012 as a spinoff from IHS Fairplay research center in Gothenburg. Started by people with a life long shipping experience who began to produce advanced vessel statistics long before AIS was available. Marine Benchmark’s matureness around maritime data comes from years of experience long before 2012. We quickly took the lead in developing vessel statistics based on AIS. Today Marine Benchmark holds an enormous information power within shipping and trade which hopefully will meet most of your needs.