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Digital Paint Report

by SteelCorr DMCC

Paint performance monitoring made easy via a collaborative reporting document.

  • Performance monitoring

  • Paint Maintenance Management

  • Cloud based solution - no installations

Pictures speak a thousand words - Share photos & data securely in real time with other stakeholders and create a historic data base of photos. The photos can be instantly compared by location & date filters for efficient visual monitoring. (not limited to paint photos)


Paint application involves huge costs & documenting what has happened on a project each day is extremely important for monitoring of the Quality, Schedule, Cost control & Safety.  Using the DPR solution, Contractor can prepare the daily application reports & receive comments/sign-off from Client, Paint supplier & 3rd party.

Enables Cost optimization & Performance monitoring of your Painting projects.

About the solution

Proper paint maintenance can extend asset life & the right coating on a vessel hull can save up to 8% fuel costs. Hence, there is a need for efficient management of the paint application and monitoring of the subsequent performance.

Benefits and Features

  • Benefits

    • Users can create a list of all locations that need to be monitored and data/photos of the designated areas can be uploaded periodically, thus creating a historic record of data/photos with instant date-wise comparison. Comparison of performance across multiple assets is also possible.
    • Whether it is Routine maintenance, Tank coating, Dry-docking or a Coating survey project; the solution helps you document all required performance parameters & photos. (SSPC Compliant reports)
    • Search & Traceability: Search has been enabled for all fields with multiple filters for ease of Traceability. This will support quicker root cause analysis in cases of failures, defects & warranty related issues.
    • HSE & NCR: All HSE parameters can be documented & non-conformances can be tracked until close-out with the corresponding corrective action; thus enabling QA/QC surveillance
    • Dashboard: Solution automatically creates a Dashboard and multiple Summary reports such as Project Summary, Photo report & Paint consumption Summary.
    • AIS data & Weather data: Survey reports are automatically coupled with AIS data + local Weather data to help evaluate the coating performance.
  • Features

    1. User friendly navigation.
    2. Access via any device – tab, laptop, desktop, mobile.
    3. Cloud based solution – platform managed by KONGSBERG.
    4. Security: Tamper proof records; Secure storage & hosting of the data
    5. Data transfer at the end of subscription period: Users will always own their data and at the end of subscription period they have the option to download/transfer the data to another platform.
    6. No additional costs or risk: No hardware installation or software download needed.

"Making the application available on Kognifai enables customers to easily unlock its value enhancing potential."
Leroy Dias, Founder, SteelCorr

SteelCorr DMCC is a Dubai based start-up founded in 2014. Founder is a NACE certified Protective Coating Specialist & Sr. Corrosion Technologist and a FROSIO certified Paint Inspector with over 2 decades of experience in the Corrosion & Coatings industry.