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by Yxney Maritime

Tailored data-driven solutions for fleet energy management to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and environmental impact for vessel owners and operators.

About yxney

Yxney Maritime develops the Maress software for data-driven decarbonization. In Maress, vessel fuel- and emissions data form a basis for making better decisions on how to increase efficiency and to reduce footprint.

Maress offer a powerful way to capitalize on operational data. Maress combines available data from the vessels with other relevant data sets to provide insight on how to reduce fuel and emissions. It is also easy to analyze the effect of individual energy saving initiatives, or whole programs. Maress supports efforts in building a company culture and identity focusing on efficient and climate robust operations. A unique baseline based on historic performance is calculated for every activity for every vessel. With an up to date and real-time overview of the performance of each vessel -and the total fleet- Maress is a unique tool for fleet energy management.

Yxney unlocks immediate savings

Most Maress clients are able to unlock immediate effects and savings between 3-20%  when they start using Maress. It is a subscription-based service that can be quickly rolled out on a fleet by connecting to existing data sources through Vessel Insight. Reducing the environmental footprint also brings financial upside, and the cost of Maress is in most cases vastly overshadowed by the value of the fuel savings. The biggest value is, nonetheless, the strategic value of having the right insight to succeed in the transition towards the 2030 and 2050 industry emission targets.  


  • “YXNEY via its superb tool MARESS has enabled Siem Offshore to benchmark fuel consumption on sister vessels and their opposite crew, in addition to giving us an competitive edge in tenders and contracts with high focus on emissions and fuel management.”     - Siem Offshore Operations Manager


  • "Maress has changed the way we communicate, and ensures that both crews and support staff pull in the same direction." - Environmental Engineer, Solstad Offshore


  • Features with MARESS

    • Fleet efficiency

    • Unique vessel and fleet baselines

    • Battery effect visualization

    • Monthly and yearly reports

    • Compare crew and other vessels

    • Digital SEEMP integration

    • Fuel prediction

    • Easy extraction of KPIs and reports

  • Benefits

    • Provides recognizeable documentation on energy and emissions in tendering processes

    • Flexibility to integrate with available data sources such as IAS and ship management system

    • Monthly fee. No CAPEX or hardware installation

    • Cloud-based. No extra strain on bandwith from vessel to shore

    • Can quickly be rolled out on whole fleets

  • Yxney Maritime is a Norway-based software provider for data-driven decarbonization in maritime operations. Data analytics is at the core of Yxney´s activities, and the Maress cloud-service has been adopted by some of the most advanced vessel owners and energy companies in the world. Maress contributes directly to significant customer emission reductions.

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