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by VesselMan

VesselMan is a lean collaboration system for managing technical operations and maintenance projects, such as dry-docking, turnkey projects, refits and smart ship repairs. 

  • Effective dry-docking and repair management

  • Cloud based management system that enables new ways to cut costs, save time and improve quality

  • Standard processes and best practice specifications

VesselMan's cloud-based lean collaboration system is a modern way of managing technical operations ​and maintenance projects - Across a fleet of vessels. Our software is built to support every commercial vessel, no matter what size. The solution comes with three different modules - Dry-Docking & Technical Projects, Management & Collaboration Platform, and the Asset Manager. Complete with a set of comprehensive applications built for teams onboard and onshore.

VesselMan is born in the cloud, which means that our service is always made available to users on demand with no hardware installations needed.

The software is intended to make the work of a Superintendent and the Management easier by allowing both sides to gain executive and detailed insight into current projects. The modules that comes with the system helps you follow a structured and standardized process so that everyone knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

By using the Dry-Docking module in VesselMan you can prevent misunderstandings, unforeseen costs and pricing gaps when building a specification, which is key to a successful technical project. The tendering process is done in VesselMan and selecting a vendor, or a shipyard has never been easier as we provide a platform where you can compare all possibilities and view every detail. VesselMan helps you be sure in your choice so that you can work with confidence.

When in the shipyard do not let extensive paperwork slow you down. Use our tracking app to make on-the-go updates wherever you are, with or without internet access. Report back at the office.

To sum up - Avoid wasting time on comprehensive work with Excel and Word sheets when building the specification and tracking progress. Use VesselMan to store all the information you need on one platform. Necessary insight is created with just a few clicks and all parties involved will have what they need to move forward.  

Digital transparent collaboration and exchange of lessons learned will enable your business to thrive.

Features and Benefits

  • Features

    • VesselMan is a cloud based management system that enables new ways to cut costs, save time and improve quality.
    • VesselMan is used on top of your existing systems and ensures operational execution of your defined procedures and HSEQ requirements (ISO:2015)
  • Benefits

    Reduced Cost

    Complete specifications - Save time and improve quality by re-use of your best practice specifications (both commercial and technical jobs).

    Comparison of tenders - A well structured specification used for quotation is needed in order to complete jobs, negotiate terms and choose the best contractor.

    Discounts - By ordering spares and booking the best specialist in due time, there is a huge potential for cost reductions. Some suppliers offers up to 40% discount when spares and ordered in due time.

  • Reduced Risk 

    Avoid costly reports - The best way to avoid costly repairs is to focus on planning and preventive maintenance in order to avoid large repairs.

    Avoid human mistakes - Standard processes makes it easier to overlap on dockings and share lessons learned. 

    Digital Processes

    Best practice - Standard processes and best practice specifications are provided from world class companies.

    Marine Software - Out of the box cloud based software, designed and built for and by the marine industry. 

    Reduced work for Superintendents - Reduced time spent on administrative tasks and tracking status on work and purchase orders. The result is more time available for planning and ensuring quality on technical issues

"As part of KONGSBERG’s digital platform, we can concentrate on our core business and let KONGSBERG handle scalability, security issues – and all the other important things that customers have to take into consideration with a global, cloud-based solutions."
Stig Linna, CEO, VesselMan

VesselMan AS is a Norwegian company that provides maritime software solutions that offer a fast, easy-to-implement and cost-efficient option for improving your vessel’s technical management operations. We provide our customers with maritime software solutions. We offer a fast, easy-to-implement and cost-efficient option to manage and track costly maintenance project such as drydocking’s, turnkey projects, ship repairs and refits. We are dedicated to providing our clients with first-class, SaaS with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and equally important, transparency, commitment, and integrity as part of our philosophy.