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Vessel Performance


Vessel performance allows the customer to make informed decisions for more efficient vessel and fleet operations.

Improving vessel and fleet performance

Vessel Performance helps improve crew’s awareness of their ship’s performance, supports environmental compliance, and can assist customers to reduce energy usage, fuel consumption and operating costs. It offers an enhanced ability to improve the performance of an individual vessel or an entire fleet. The system provides details on fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency levels benchmarked against historical performance, allowing the crew to exploit opportunities to minimise fuel usage and cut emissions. Vessel Performance is highly configurable and can be adapted to meet specific customer needs ranging from tugs to cruise vessels. 

On-board system helping crew optimise operations

Vessel Performance takes data from the ship’s control system and a multitude of sensors on the vessel, logged at frequent intervals and processed in real time. Selected information is displayed graphically using a clear and uncluttered design that focused the crew’s attention immediately to key elements. For example, fuel consumption levels are displayed against a baseline of historical data, showing whether consumption is higher than need be for the conditions. From this insight, the crew could start optimising operations, for instance, by changing the number of running engines in order to bring the operating engines into the load range with the lowest specific fuel consumption. The on-board interface is available on any connected device and kept up data using built in remote access to meet ever changing customer requirements and governmental regulations. 

On-shore portal enabling further vessel and fleet analysis

All the data collected is encrypted before being transmitted to Kognifai, where more detailed analysis can be carried out on the application. Our cloud based portal enables fleet managers
and operators to compare actual performance data with historical benchmarks. Performance indicators and baseline analysis create potential for further improvement, and helps to enable a data driven performance management and decision-making approach across fleet management operations.

Sensor requirments

The required information ranges from just a few signals on the basic system to hundreds on the comprehensive package. For a modern vessel, the majority of information is already available and instead of installing new sensors, the system can interface to any KONGSBERG or third party systems to receive data. Ultimately though it depends on how much detail the customer desires

Supporting regulatory compliance

Vessel Performance provides vessel efficiency and performance information that enables the ship to comply with IMO and EU regulations (Marpol, SEEMP, EEOI, MRV). It eases the regulatory process via automated logging of data and extraction for verification and reporting. Vessel Performance is designed with future regulations and reporting in mind. 

Vessel Performance Dashboards

  • Benefits

    • Helping you reduce energy usage, emissions and operating costs
    • Providing realtime data to both ship and shore
    • Extensively tested and proven across a variety of different vessels and fleets
    • Supporting regulatory compli-ance (EU MRV, SEEMP)
    • Combining expert data analysis with extensive knowledge of vessel equipment
    • Frequent software updates in accordance with new functionalities and regulatory framework
    • Available for any vessel type with equitment from any manufacturer
    • Multilayered cyber security embedded within solution
    • Integrated with Health Management so our customer can view performance and health status of vessel equipment together
  • On-shore portal capabilities

    • Fleet overview
    • Vessel to vessel comparison
    • Close-to-real-time monitoring of fleet and ship performance
    • Overview of monthly, weekly, daily performance and operational data
    • Voyage reports
    • Individual equipment performance details
    • Customisable dashboard
    • Map overview with performance status

    Additional services includes 24/7 help-desk and expert in the loop (EITL)

  • Vessel Performance Packages

    Lite Package - Basic fuel and emissions monitoring

    • Fuel performance and benchmarking
    • Energy efficient operating index
    • Operational profile detection
    • Emissions monitoring
    • Leg and voyage documentation

    Standard Package - Fuel, emissions and ship performance monitoring

    • Weather resistance indication
    • Engine and battery performance
    • Speed optimisation
    • Operational cost monitoring

    Premium package - Comprehensive performance monitoring

    • Trim optimization
    • Propulsion performance
    • Electrical balance
    • Hull growth indication