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Smart Sailing

by KNL Networks

Set your course for smart connectivity
  • Dedicated IoT connectivity

  • Military grade security

  • Pay only for what you need

Our WaveAccess managed services give you the choice to pay only for what you need. You can choose between IoT data transfer, platform access and services for the bridge, as well as our add-on TRACK service for advanced vessel tracking data.

Cruise smoothly with WaveAccess

Communicate with applications seamlessly through dedicated M2M services.

  •  KNL FILE is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your IoT data. We offer a unified service for transferring data between ships and shore. Data of every kind is transferred in a file format that is extremely secure. KNL FILE provides bi-directional data transfer coupled with simple API integration and data prioritisation.

Arrange of pre-integrated plug-and-play solutions for industry- leading platforms.

  • KNL PLATFORM gives you access to platforms such as Kognifai. Digital platforms with a dedicated toolkit built on modern cloud technology. Together with KNL WaveAccess, Kognifai enables you to optimise data use and perform advanced analytics on big data. With Kognifai, multiple stakeholders can base custom views, services and applications on the same data.

Solutions made to optimise business continuity through secure, reliable communication.

  • KNL MAIL is the secure solution for global email communication. We provide a secure and optimised on-board email service for smooth communication. Emails are automatically sent over high
    frequency or cellular networks and we keep you informed about their delivery status.

Keep track of vessels with intelligent monitoring and visualisation.

  • KNL TRACK is a quick and easy solution to trace the current position of any vessel globally and in real time, even when AIS and other services are unavailable. With KNL TRACK you can also gain access to your historic data and integrate it and real-time data into your existing solutions seamlessly via API.

Dedicated IoT Connectivity

Dedicated IoT connectivity means your connection cannot be used for other communication purposes like GMDSS or crew welfare. At the same time, we ensure and secure your data by tunnelling. Data leaves your KNL radio through our VPN, encrypting all data. KNL’s cognitive radio automatically identifies and avoids signal jamming by hostile third parties, increasing connectivity and operational safety.

Mesh Networks

Each KNL system is part of a worldwide network of KNL Radios, which act as terminals or base stations, depending on their status or location. At sea, or in remote areas, a KNL Radio uses the high frequency band to connect automatically to another KNL Radio that has a cellular connection. Nearshore or in port, KNL Radios automatically connect directly to cellular. Mesh networking possibilities mean there is no single point of failure in the KNL Global network. If one loses its cellular connection, others will serve the terminal with no direct connection. The KNL Global mesh network allows for multiple parties to securely access their equipment onboard a vessel.


  • Benefits

    • Dedicated IoT connectivity
    • Military grade security
    • Choose from a wide range of managed services
    • Pay only for what you need
One look at what’s offered on the Kognifai Digital platform and you can see how much data ships at sea are producing through sensors and smart reporting. KNL networks knows that tomorrow’s maritime industry requires a revolutionary new data solution and services, and we’re proud to be part of Kongsberg Digital’s Kognifai platform .
Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks

KNL Networks is a communications company that provides simple, reliable and affordable connectivity through a dedicated network with military-grade security.