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Community Platform SAAS

by OceanHub

When your community need to connect, communicate, share knowledge, interact, collaborate and more, we got you covered

The community platform is a SaaS (software as a service) that is custom-made to help communities of any size or form reach their unique goals. The customers range all the way from internal and secret to public and shared communities, like;

Teams and Workplaces

We help teams and workplaces to communicate and collaborate

Clusters and Eco-Systems

We help innovation and business clusters to connect their eco system network and knowledge

Network & Member Organisations

We help organisations to connect their users, providing new value and loyalty

Event and Exhibition Organisers

We help events connect their users, provide new value and turning them from of-offs to all year communities

Media Owners and Publications

We help publishers and media owners to develop interactive communities of their audience segments

Professional Services Firms

We help enterprises connect their users to their services and to each other, providing new value and business opportunities

Why have a community platform?

Makes communication easy and efficient

The software brings all your community communication together, helping everyone feel connected no matter where they are, by providing a common space for sharing, organizing and accessing knowledge and conversations.

Simplifies collaboration

Cooperate in channels, collaborate around tasks, share knowledge, and discuss ideas one on one, in groups or community-wide. Community members can collaborate in closed, secret or public communities for both their external and internal collaboration needs.
Helps all community members find what they are looking for
You don’t have to attend every arena to meet or stay informed. The community software builds a searchable archive for your community users, posts, articles, conversations, groups, events, brands, decisions, and work, making the knowledge accessible to everyone involved.

Enterprise options for advanced needs

With advanced customization and administrative features, the community software's Enterprise Matrix brings the power of the community platform to large, complex user-groups and to meet business demands.

The software integrates with your productivity, process and business tools, and supports single sign-on for your community. You can also build your own integrations with our open API to keep your users and processes coordinated and working faster. Furthermore, the Enterprise Matrix provides the option to white-label your own community platform to your private brand and streamline both your legacy and future digital business models.

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