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In: Range

by ScanReach

For instant personnel on-board control (POB), allowing immediate and high precision rescue team involvement.

  • Increased safety at sea

  • Wireless sensor technology

  • Access to whereabouts of personnel in real-time

During emergency situations onboard ships and rigs, gaining POB control is a top priority. Existing solutions and procedures are mainly analogue, based on manual headcounts and paper sheets. This is a time consuming and complicated process often leading to dangerous situations and potential loss of lives. Delays in identifying and locating missing personnel leads to delays in mobilising assistance and providing potentially life-saving treatment.

In:Range utilizes smart ‘low power’ wireless IoT sensor technology providing on-board emergency response teams with an immediate overview and position of all personnel in real time. This information can be shared with different locations – such as fleet management offices, shipowner offices, insurance companies, coastal services and rescue departments – through cloud-based services, enabling enhanced decision support and assistance in emergencies.

Technical description and key features

  • Technical Information

    In:Range is a robust, scalable and affordable solution well-suited for both existing assets, as well as for new vessels and rigs under construction. In:Range consists of the following main elements:

    – Personal tags
    – Vessel interior and exterior sensors
    – Central unit for processing data
    – Screen for visual presentation or add-in to existing screens on bridge

    The vessel interior and exterior sensors are positioned based on the General Arrangement to ensure complete coverage. As personnel move around, their tag is identified by the nearest interior sensor, and wirelessly transmitted to the central unit. A connected PC with In:Range software collects the crew location information from the central unit, and presents it on a visual interface.

  • In:Range is delivered as a “plug and play” solution, and can be easily installed by the crew during normal operation. The system is wireless, with no cabling required between sensors.

    In addition to real-time location of personnel In:Range can be expanded to cover additional valuable services such as:

    – Safety alarm on bracelet
    – Virtual area barriers
    – Area access control
    – Area responsible support for work permits etc.
    – «Man-over-Board»-functionality

    Our unique wireless connectivity technology can also be used as a platform for easy wireless sensor data transport and asset tracking. At the end of 2018 ScanReach will launch In:Connect, a stand-alone product tailored for this functionality.

  • Key features

    In:Range is developed as a “plug and play” solution and can be easily installed by crew members. Its main features include: 

    – Personnel location and control (POB)
    – Detect fall
    – Alarm button

    In:Range is cost effective to install and ideal for retrofitting. No cabling is required. It also features battery backup for continuous real-time dataflow during potential vessel power blackouts. 

    If vessels and rigs have internet connections, cloud services ensure data readings are accessible from both the assets themselves and shore-based facilities. In:Range boasts a world-class design and user interface.

“For ScanReach, it is of the greatest importance to be available on global digital platforms and maritime marketplaces with our digital solutions In:Range and In:Connect. Therefore, we are proud to now be a partner of Kongsberg Digital and available on Kognifai."
John Roger Nesje, CEO, ScanReach

ScanReach is a Maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway. Over the last four years we have developed a wireless connectivity platform enabling personnel and asset control in complex and confined steel environments. A major barrier for digital innovation within the maritime and offshore industry has been removed and paving the way for addressing problems and needs in new ways.