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by NorSea Digital AS

Improved logistics through increased efficiency, visibility and predictability

  • Increased transportation consolidation and reducing carbon footprint

  • Better collaboration and predictability - ensuring better decision making

  • Reduced risk of delays

One of the greatest challenges in complex logistics operations in industries operating offshore is the ability to create visibility and predictability. This is mainly caused by difficult operating environments offshore and complex project logistics. The result is a low degree of consolidation of logistics, high risk of delays and a low ability to share asset and logistics infrastructure. Ultimately this results in a higher carbon footprint and costly logistics operations.


E2E aims to create visibility and predictability in the supply of goods and key logistics processes. Furthermore, we understand that no logistics process is the same. The solution is therefore developed to be highly configurable so to meet the requirements of any complex supply chain.

The solution offers the needed flexibility to tailor it to meet any “supply of goods”- process and covers several key actors in the supply chain.

Concrete Benefits

  • Increased transportation consolidation and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Better collaboration and predictability - ensuring better descision making.
  • Reduced risk of delays.

Market Potential

Lack of visibility and predictability in complex logistics operation is present in all corners of the world and in many industries. Combating this challenge is key to meet a sustainable tomorrow. Our focus is making industries operating offshore more efficient and greener.

"Our goal is to ensure an open and robust solution for logistics management for the entire supply chain. We have identified strong synergies between Kongsberg Digital and NSG Digital from the outset of our collaboration, and both companies are now increasing their efforts in developing new and effective digital solutions."
Henrik Heggland, Managing Director of NSG Digital

NorSea Digital is a joint initiative between NorSea Group and the world leading technology company within maritime technology – KONGSBERG. Through NorSea Digital we combine our 60 years of logistics experience with leading competencies within technology development to develop and deliver a full-scale digital logistics platform.