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Digital Paint Report

by SteelCorr DMCC

Simple & cost-effective app for collaborative monitoring of an asset remotely (Not limited to Paint).

  • Promote transparency & collaboration

  • Paint Maintenance Management

  • Cloud based solution - no installations

  • All stakeholders can collaborate to optimize costs and improve performance.
  • Monitor specific locations of an asset - Build a timeline of photos & data of all areas for future reference.
  • Not limited to Paint data - Any areas of the asset can be monitored. For e.g: Engine room, Gangway ladder, Galley, Store room etc.
  • Compare the condition of similar assets within the group - Benchmark performance.
  • Share, store & collaborate using any device from any location.
  • AIS & weather data provide context to the paint data.
  • Rest assured your data is securely hosted & protected by KONGSBERG


Benefits and Features

  • Benefits

    • Users can upload photos/data of all asset areas periodically, thus creating a timeline for quick comparison.
    • Centralized database of information is created.
    • Tamper proof date-stamped records of HSE, surface prep & coating application can be logged to provide traceability in case of claim & insurance.
    • Dashboard with multiple summary reports are generated.
    • AIS & weather data are brought in daily automatically and provide context to the paint performance data.
  • Features

    • User friendly navigation with SSPC compliant reports.
    • Access via any device - No hardware installation or software download needed. No set-up costs.
    • Data Privacy & Cyber Security assured by Microsoft & KONGSBERG
    • Only the Data Manager (subscriber) decides who gets access to the data and for how long.
    • Users will always own their data and at the end of the subscription period they have the option to download/transfer the data to another platform.
"Making the application available on Kognifai enables customers to easily unlock its value enhancing potential."
Leroy Dias, Founder, SteelCorr

SteelCorr DMCC is a Dubai based start-up founded in 2014. Founder is a NACE certified Protective Coating Specialist & Sr. Corrosion Technologist and a FROSIO certified Paint Inspector with over 2 decades of experience in the Corrosion & Coatings industry.