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Bunker Planner by BunkerEx

BunkerEx is an online portal for ship owners and operators to quickly find their optimal bunker port when planning voyages. Owners have saved over $10k per voyage by using the system to reveal cheaper bunker options. 

About the solution

Bunkers make up 40-60% of voyage P&L and there are many potential options for each voyage. This means missing a cheaper option can have large cost implications.

Chartering managers and operators don’t have time to evaluate every option easily.

BunkerEx quickly pulls together the route, live prices, deviation costs, bunker pumping time and vessel consumption to show the cheapest bunker options.

This cuts down hours of time spent collecting information from the market and can also reveal cheaper options that would not have previously been considered.

After entering a voyage, useres immediately see distance, ETA, quantity required and the cheapest bunker options on their specific route. 

In 30 seconds, the algorithm grinds through 1200 options everytime with live prices, deviation costs, consumption, ROB, laycan and port fees all taken into account to find the cheapest options. 

The portal also shows fuel quality alerts, weather updates, extra costs (e.g. barging, DA), available specs and suppliers in 400 bunker ports worldwide.

Features and Technical Information

  • Features

    • No installation required.
    • Works on any browser connected to the internet (Google Chrome recommended for optimal performance).
    • All data is automatically stored and backed up using military grade security on Microsoft Azure’s cloud database.
    • Integration to user’s existing voyage management software can be done simply via API (provided they are cloud based).
    • All updates are available to users immediately without the need to upgrade or install new software.
  • Technical Information

    • Extremely quick to use – clients can see results in less than 30 seconds.
    • All bunker prices are live and updated every 15 minutes throughout the day.
    • Extremely accurate sea distances provided by the market leader for accuracy, including every deviation option.
    • Access calling costs, weather, delivery methods and fuel specifications in each port with ease.

All technology is built in-house by BunkerEx Limited, a software company based in London and serving clients globally.