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Bluewater Optimum Speed Services - BOSS

by Bluewater Trade Winds

BOSS explores all possible voyage scenarios on a weather indexed grid and uses a combination of dynamic speed scheduling and weather routing to plan the most optimum voyage schedule. Dynamic speed scheduling allows the vessel to speed up or slowdown in order to minimize exposure to adverse weather. Speed scheduling when combined with weather routing, further increase the scope of optimization by not only reducing bad weather exposure but also exploiting favourable winds and ocean currents during the passage.

  • Advance Grid based weather Routing exploiting weather and sea currents by modulating course as well as speed to maximize fuel savings and safety.
  • 24 X 7 monitoring of voyage progress and dedicated service desks for handling queries
  • Customized Geo-fencing - alerts for off-course, speed drops, entry into restricted areas, scrubber and fuel type usage compliance
  • MIRROR - Validated Reporting System through unique Man-Machine combination
  • Transparent and logical Benchmarking system for quantifying fuel savings by using BOSS.
  • Clause 24 Performance analysis – specify various CP terms and exclusion of reports from analysis
  • Self-learning ship models for accurate RPM, Speed and Main Engine Consumption projections in any given weather conditions

BOSS uses an advance dynamic programming algorithm to exhaustively simulates all possible speed and course combination and find the most optimum route and speed schedule for a given arrival window.

The simulation takes into account a vessel specific hydrodynamic model there by ensuring the feasibility of the voyage plan and close compliance with the estimates.

Success stories

BOSS ensured Timely Arrival and quantifiable fuel savings from being Washed Ashore:

Close monitoring of the progress of a voyage, and in-time passage plan updates using AI and ML tools helped make informed decisions in challenging situations, thereby ensuring safety and commercial concerns are managed effectively.

Further, a combination of speed schedule and course is the most effective way to avert any dangerous weather pattern and optimize the voyage. Speed and course alterations in isolation will not yield requisite results.

On a recent occasion, a laden VLCC in the TC fleet was on a voyage from WAF to Singapore via the Cape of Good Hope (COGH) on the BOSS recommended route and speed. On XX/August 23:00UTC, the Head Owner’s weather routing provider to be called ‘Company X’ henceforth, advised the vessel to deviate to St.  Helena Bay and seek shelter until potential adverse weather in the vicinity of the area had abated. When the TC Operator consulted the BOSS team, the voyage plan was reviewed once again, and weather cross checked from alternative sources for the sake of good order.

The suggested deviation of 161 NM and the indefinite drifting period to the vessel by company X, was found to be nonessential. The timely & professional intervention by BOSS team helped to save at least 38 hours delay and 28 MT fuel.

Detected Vessel’s False Position Reporting through objective monitoring:

Vessels may intentionally falsify vessel's position to cover up unscheduled stoppages, deviations, and maybe even illegal activities.

In this scenario, a handy size vessel was caught reporting incorrect noon positions. The BOSS analysts verified the reported noon positions against SAT-AIS data and observed the discrepancy.  On XXth Feb 18:28, the vessel's SAT-AIS position was 5.92N, 96.37E, and the next feed received from the vessel was after 34 hours, which was found to be only 99 NM ahead from the last SAT-AIS position.

From the SAT-AIS data, it was observed that the vessel had steamed at 2.9 knots for 34 hours; however, the vessel kept reporting the avg. speed 12.1 kts for the same timestamp.

BOSS' vigilant vessel tracking through SAT-AIS ensured timely revelation of the false reporting, hence safeguarded charterers and other stakeholders' interests.

Revamped an underperforming Fleet to a Remarkably Performing One:

A year ago, a fleet called "X" was enrolled in the BOSS system. The previous data showed a downward trend in the fleet's performance, with various vessels consuming much higher fuel than the warranted fuel consumption and speed.

The Blue Water analysts worked closely with the charterers and prepared a comprehensive report listing all the negative factors for the fleet’s underperformance.

The advisories, combined with BOSS weather routing and close monitoring through man-machine technology, showed a significant positive trend in the fleet’s performance in terms of fuel consumption, speed and remarkable cut in stag emissions.

The below image, derived from the fleet performance data in BOSS at an interval of 1 year, clearly shows the migration of vessels from the red to green quadrant

Benefits and Features

  • Benefits

    • No retrofitting/Installation required onboard.
    • Vessel specific simulations ensuring accurate estimates and practical voyage plan.
    • Vessel has direct access to the blue water technical experts 24X7.
    • Regular plan update on every 5th day with latest weather forecast or in case of deviation with projections.
    • Increase in repute among all the stakeholders and better customer relations.
    • Objective monitoring with man-machine combination to decide measures essential for further optimization.
  • Features

    • Our dynamic programming-based optimization algorithm takes into account several constraints including- Charter-party terms, Navigational hazards, ice limits, Vessel-specific restrictions – Min and Max Speed, RPM, Roll, Pitch, Speed constraints in certain areas HRA/VRA, Bunkering stoppages
    • Pictorial Voyage plan PDF with detailed 6 hourly Speed and RPM recommendations along with forecast weather and estimated Main engine Fuel consumption.
    • Interactive offline application VAJRA to explore various routes and speed options overlaid on a weather map.
    • Post Voyage Report with verifiable fuel savings using our unique benchmarking algorithm.
    • Clause 24 performance report to evaluate fuel and Time Loss/Gain against the warranties.

Blue Water Trade Winds Pvt. Ltd., a registered company in India since Sep 2006, specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective marine solutions to a pan-global customer base. Though our key strength areas are fuel optimization solutions for ships, we also provide customized services and software solutions in the field of commercial shipping operations.

Blue Water focuses on maritime energy efficiency areas, harnessing the experience of its professionals from diverse industries. These services are milestone addition to the upcoming ways of saving fossil fuels and reducing environmental impact from emissions; primarily by innovating new methodologies to optimize the fuel consumption across diverse operations.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, and faster computational resources are offering plenty of opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation of the shipping industry, yielding results which are significantly superior to both, traditional management and purely data-driven methodologies. Being a technology-driven organization, Blue Water understands the importance of fast-changing technology and its key role in redefining the traditional way of ship management processes in terms of cutting down costs along with greater efficiency, speed, and transparency.