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The Zegeba Platform provides companies with a unique combination of features to facilitate and streamline the transition from manual work processes using paper forms and single files to a fully digital work experience.


The Zegeba platform is easy to configure and does not require any programming to get started. Zegeba can be used as a standalone solution or connected to other applications via the API or plug-ins to create optimised solutions. Companies can create templates and reports that meet their needs, so they can avoid costly customized platforms and time-consuming development projects.The solution is generic and flexible, so that users may get both the operational benefit of an optimized digital workspace but also the handling and processing of data. Workflows replaces manual steps in both receiving and sending data in relevant formats, from and to the recipients, which might be people and/or software applications.


Because Zegeba's start-up cost is related to the number of users (and not a large license fee up front), savings and value increases can be achieved from day 1. The gains will start immediately, and based on how the company uses Zegeba's features, there may be a direct increase in revenue based on the effect of the change.


Zegeba is part of “The Explorer - Green and sustainable solutions from Norway” and it is especially the Sustainable Development Goal 9: “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure” which applies to Zegeba.

Zegeba take an active role in reaching the other SDG’s by offering the solution at a  special non-commercial pricing and terms to NGO's that are actively working to reach the SDG’s. As an example, the "Strømme Foundation"  uses Zegeba in a number of countries to achieve “Goal 1. No Poverty”, Goal 4. Quality Education, Goal 5. Gender Equality and Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.   

Another example is UNESCO, which uses Zegeba to provide a self-assessment tool with guidelines and reporting to ensure the development of sustainable tourism for the World Heritage Sites, both in terms of UN sustainability goals and UNESCO's own reporting criteria.

With this, Zegeba wants to take social responsibility and support the initiatives that contribute to a better common future.


Form Example

Tasks screenshot

Tasks mobile

  • Form Example

  • Tasks screenshot

  • Tasks mobile

Benefits with Zegeba

  • Key Benefits

    • Save time spent on documentation work
    • Automate manual steps
    • Improve quality and control
    • Streamline daily operations
    • Reduce cost
    • More sustainable business
    • Gain competitive advantage


  • Easily create forms and tasks for your business

    • Fully digital workflow with forms, tasks and projects
    • Designer tool for quick edits and publish to app
    • Validation, rules and logic to ensure quality of data
  • Efficient documentation and automated work

    • App for ios, android and web
    • Secure data handling
    • Work without any interruptions with offline support
    • Sync service for workflows and actions
  • Immediately use your reports and data

    • Online Dashboard for data management
    • Automatic generated PDF – online and offline
    • Automatic sending of report to stakeholders/customers
  • Use your data for integration, analytics and insight

    • Integration ready – through standard APIs or advanced push/pull plugins to other applications
    • Data export for Excel, CSV or JSON formats
    • Convert reports and forms to PDF (even offline)
    • Database access with SQL format supports almost all analytics tools


  • Zegeba provides a generic software platform used by businesses, organizations and partners who have ambitions within digitalization and optimization of core business processes. Zegeba develop tools for companies and organizations where information, observation and experience from humans and their work are needed to provide accurate documentation and real time data for further processing and completion. In collaboration with partners and businesses our aim is to be in the forefront of software development and create solutions that handle the transformation of business-critical human data into a digital format that communicates seamlessly with people, applications, machines and analytics.

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