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Orbit SaaS Maritime Solutions


Machine learning and AI transform data into visualizations for decision makers

      Sea the big picture with Orbit (SaaS) Maritime Solutions. Maritime data holds unrealized opportunities to improve your operations. But to seize them, you have to see them. We help you make sense of the bigger data picture so you can focus on new ways to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and more.

      Orbit transforms data into actionable visualizations for decision-makers. It aggregates and integrates data from vessels and existing shore-based systems, amplifies it using machine learning and activates it through dashboards, alerts and predictive analytics. As a result, your team can more clearly see opportunities and take action where and when it matters most.

      What makes Orbit unique 

      A high quality, stable and sophisticated product 

      Orbit may be new to you, but it’s not new: It has been in use since 2017 which means it is high quality, stable and has managed hundreds of vessels, thousands of voyages and processed billions of data points.   

      Proven meaningful Return on Investment and CO2 reductions  

      Using Orbit lets you operate your fleet more efficiently, directly reducing bunker consumption, increasing profitability and positively impacting sustainability goals for each voyage.  Orbit will calculate estimated ROI and CO2 reductions based on your fleet size.   

      Integrates with your existing systems 

      Orbit is explicitly designed to integrate with multiple systems, data feeds, workflows and reporting in one unified interface and one login. Offers native integrations to many of today's leading technology and software provider   

      A future-proof investment in innovation 

      Orbit is built on an open, modular architecture fed by webservice API’s which lets Orbit extend and adapt as maritime changes. New features and integration are deployed in weeks, not years

      OrbitMI Dashboards

      Ballast v Laden

      Fleet Overview

      Port Activities

      Sailing Patterns

      Vessel distribution by segment

      Vessel distribution by heat map

      Zoom in on port

      • Ballast v Laden

      • Fleet Overview

      • Port Activities

      • Sailing Patterns

      • Vessel distribution by segment

      • Vessel distribution by heat map

      • Zoom in on port


      Managing a cargo fleet to optimize performance, increase revenue, reduce CO2 emissions and bunker consumption requires insights and intelligence. It also requires pulling data from vessels as well as across the organization into a single interface that everyone can share.

      • Stena Bulk looked for such a solution, but the available technologies were either point products that addressed narrow business functions and produced little value or had yet to deliver an enterprise-grade experience.  Instead, they switched to Orbit.


      Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and built on a flexible and modular architecture, Orbit integrated Stena’s technology stack, enriched existing data feeds via machine learning and AI, and generated actionable insights through user-friendly visualizations via both desktop and mobile app.  Consequently, Orbit eliminated the need for commercial teams to search multiple systems for vessel ETA, fuel consumption, voyage deviations and new cargo opportunities, all of which were proactively sent--based on custom fleet rules—to operators, charterers and senior staff directly.

      Results?  Annual ROI measured in millions and tens of thousands of CO2 MT removed from the atmosphere  

      Orbit will calculate your estimated ROI and CO2 reductions based on fleet size    

      “Rather than having to search constantly for issues, our staff get a notification on their smartphone. That has allowed us to eliminate many tedious manual processes and respond faster. We have data and intelligence that is as accurate as possible. Instead of waiting to look up information, we get it up front.”
      Peter Björkborg, Manager of Sustainability and Transformation, Stena Bulk


      OMI: Maritime Intelligence and Analytics

      Empower you and your teams to take action when it matters most. Map filters and heat maps let you compare your ships to where competitors are positioned regionally and globally, by size and segment. Visualizations reveal where your competitors’ vessels are positioned, their current ETA’s, activities at port and their most likely next destinations, improving negotiating positions. Make your port calls more efficient with visibility into traffic and activities at thousands of ports, terminals and berths.

      Orbit Comply: Sustainability & IMO Reporting

      Using voyage-specific data and sensor data from Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight, Orbit Comply automates IMO and EU compliance reporting, and provides both ship-board and shore-based staff alerts, notification and dashboards to illuminate fuel consumption, vessel performance and CO2 emissions. Emission scorecard reveals the EEOI and carbon footprint of each voyage.

      Orbit Reporter

      Easy-to install, browser-based tool that sends reports from the ship directly into backend systems. Reports are pre-populated with sensor data values from Vessel Insight:Ship’s crew reviews, edits and sends. Reports are customizable to suit your workflow.

      • Other OrbitMI solutions:

        • Chartering 
        • Vessel tracking 
        • AI Routing  
        • Operations  
        • Vessel Performance Management 
        • Sanctions and Vessel Clearance 
      • Benefits

        • No additional hardware    
        • No software to install   
        • No upfront investment  
        • Unlimited users 
        • Enterprise grade security 
        • Single sign-on available 
        • Share dashboards across offices 
        • Customizable file exports 
        • Editing and audit trails let users leave comments for each other   
        • Eliminates double-entry  
        • Productivity gains as much as 60% 

      • OrbitMI is a software company headquartered in New York City with offices in Sweden, Norway and Serbia, supported by our global partners, whose purpose is to unlock the value in the data the maritime sector generates. By transforming raw data into actionable insights and predictive intelligence, OrbitMI helps maritime become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

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