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by ioCurrents

Optimize your fleet with purposeful digitization  AI-based Predictive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, and onboard Energy Efficiency Optimization.

      In 2015 founders Cosmo King and Bhaskar Bhattacharyya were inspired to start ioCurrents when they noticed a technological gap in the maritime industry. So, they set themselves the task of developing a platform with applications that could gather and analyse large amounts of data on a vessel. The result of their work is MarineInsight™ – an onboard out-of-the-box solution for maritime, featuring AI-based Predictive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, and onboard Energy Efficiency Optimization. ioCurrents is now a leader in maritime data analytics and has installed its systems on OSVs, tugboats, bulk carriers, and tankers with customers seeing an immediate benefit from the analysed data sets which can optimise fuel consumption, improve maintenance and predict failures before they happen.



      • By applying Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), MarineInsightTM provides proactive recommendations to identify
        failures before they occur. Powered by AI, MarineInsightTM establishes ML models by understanding the normal operating behaviour of each unique
        vessel. These unique ML models then identify when subsystems are trending toward a failure, giving crews more lead time in identifying failures, and
        providing a proactive approach that prevents critical failures, rather than reliance on a reactive approach that means dealing with critical failures
        while in operation.


      • The InsightHub gives access to reports that can be used by all departments including: Operations, Engineering/Maintenance,and Compliance/HSSQE. These automated reports (types listed in solution description) reduce manual input by crews, increasing accuracy. 


      • MarineInsight optimizes voyages by considering two variables: Time and Fuel Rates. MarineInsightTM generates automated reports that provide proactive recommendations based on the fuel index to reduce fuel burn while not sacrificing schedules. Generated 1-2 times per day, the ML and AI will account for any route changes while on the voyage in the report.


      • 2-4% savings achievable on costs savings at bunker operations

      • Uniform and transparent bunker procurement process

      • Supports operators and bunker departments in ordering bunker in a safe and fast way

      • BunkerPlanner might support you with recommendations which you would never consider

      • For any new voyage, you can receive up to 10 recommendations, taken from thousands of alternatives for the said voyage.

      • Good decisions enforced; bad decisions improved

      • Overview of bunker costs, port calling costs and barge costs

      • Full overview of listed vessels lined up for bunkering in priority

      • Congestion and deviation are taken into consideration

      • ECA areas are built in as well as canals which can be switched on/off as you prefer

      • Vessels tank specs are a part of the BunkerPlanner model to avoid commingling of fuel

      • Quarantine constraints is part of the model

      MarineInsight Dashboards

      Actuator Alert

      Bearing graph

      AAD Alert

      Percent of run time in load ranges Report

      Monthly fuel and emission Report

      Percent of run time in RPM Bands Report

      • Actuator Alert

      • Bearing graph

      • AAD Alert

      • Percent of run time in load ranges Report

      • Monthly fuel and emission Report

      • Percent of run time in RPM Bands Report


      With ever-increasing compliance and regulations, crews and shoreside staff are expected to deliver more reports, data recording,and company-wide communication without hiring more staff. Through KDI data collection and MarineInsight™ data analysis, InsightHub™ provides stakeholders with the ability to subscribe to numerous reports, helping alleviate the excess man-hours required for these new industry regulations.InsightHub™ has selections catered to different departments with a variety of reports:

      Reports through InsightHub™

      • HSSQE / Compliance

        • EU MRV
        • IMO DCS
        • SFOC
        • SEEMP
        • Weather Discrepancy Reports
      • Operations

        • Idle Alerts and Summaries 
        • Fuel and emissions tracking and accounting
        • Time/Delay Reports
        • Voyage Summary
        • Weather Discrepancy Reports

      • Maintenance and Engineering

        • Number of Alerts by asset (fleet)
        • Percentage of Time in Alert Status
        • Percentage of Time in Load/RPM Band
        • Idle Alerts and Summaries
        • Generator Efficiency Analysis
      • Through purposeful digitization, ioCurrents provides customers with information on when, where, and why to pay attention to each asset on each unique vessel, offering the opportunity to gain efficiencies. The company is the creator of the MarineInsightTM platform, a data analysis tool focused on improving maintenance, predicting failures, and optimizing fuel, with the end result of smarter shipping. Founded in Seattle in 2015, the company is active in the workboat, OSV, bulk, and tanker industries, and other commercial and passenger maritime sectors around the globe.

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