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What our employees say

Our employees tell us what makes Kongsberg Digital an attractive employeer

"At Kongsberg Digital I get to work on finding solutions to problems that have never been attempted before. I always feel encouraged to pitch my ideas for how new technologies could be leveraged to tackle our customers needs in completely new ways. Collaborating with my talented colleagues I continuously learn new things."
Eivind Roson Eide, Senior Engineer
"Kongsberg Digital is an interesting place to be for anyone interested in the crossroads between hardware, software and industries undergoing rapid digitalisation. Most of the time, you and your team are charting into unknown waters, trying to achieve something that has never been done before. There is definitely a pioneering quality to it."
Joana Belo Pereira , Product Manager Vessel Insight
"It’s very energizing to work in a high-growth company like Kongsberg Digital. It combines the advantages of being a part of big KONGSBERG Group with new technology, high speed innovation, more opportunities, and dynamic atmosphere. The employee engagement and empowerment is high here. If you’re hoping to make an impact at your job, Kongsberg Digital should definitely be your choice. For me, joining Kongsberg Digital is one of the best decisions I have made in 2020."
Karen Sandberg, Director and Head of Business Operations and Liais
"Kongsberg Digital is a company that offers a unique and exciting technology platform within digitization of the shipping and maritime industry. The company is young, agile and facilitates for the employees to deepen their knowledge and interests within the areas they are passionate about. With my experience from the technology and shipping industry, Kongsberg Digital was the perfect match!"
Henrik Andresen, Product Manager Vessel Insight
"At Kongsberg Digital, I can honestly say that I look forward to working every day and being able to make a difference to my team and business. I genuinely feel that I am part of something larger that makes a difference to a lot of companies around the world. With the kind of technology that we're working on right now, I bet it's a dream place for any engineer. I love the kind of freedom that I have to put in and introduce new ideas and make a difference."
Venkata Ramana K, Global Department Manager

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