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Summer Internship🚀 Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Digital Twin

Are you a student? Interested in what technology makes possible? And cares about an exciting growth journey and the green shift? 🌍🌱 
Then this summer internship is made for you. 

- Projects & Tech Lead
- Software developers
- Machine Learning Engineers

Within Kongsberg Digital, one of our core products is our Digital Twin named Kognitwin. An important aspect of our Digital Twin is understanding our client’s data and contextualizing it with other information to alleviate data silos and enable advanced analytics and smoother workflows. Older facilities often have yet to digitize their data, so we strive to help our customer understand their data using advanced techniques computer vision and machine learning. Due to a lack of standardization, we need flexible approaches that can be adapted to various data sources no matter the quality of the data or the underlying system.

Former summer intern 👩‍💻
I wanted to evolve in programming and to try developing a project which I knew would be used. I learned to corporate with other people, learned a lot about programming. I learned languages I’d never written in before, and that's very interesting. I’ve also learned a lot about Kongsberg Digital – what they do and what they want to do. If you’re interested in programming and developing things, I would definitely apply!
Mathilde Bergenheim, Studying Informatics-Mathematics-Economy at the University of Bergen

A framework for parsing text in documents exists today in the Kognitwin solution. However, there is often supporting information in the icons, connections and positions of the text that is highly relevant for making sense of the drawings.

We are looking for 4 – 6 interns to automate the use of visual information in drawings and pictures to give context to the parsed text. The task will require a mix of computer vision techniques, cloud computation resources, machine learning and clever engineering. The solution must be scalable to multiple customers without requiring extensive configuration. Additionally, the solution must be able to run in the cloud. The project is estimated to last 6 weeks starting mid-June and finish the first week of August. We accommodate for a week of vacation in July. 

The Summer Internship students of 2021

Learn about Kongsberg Digital

The internship will give the student a chance to learn about Kongsberg Digital and our Kognitwin product as well as computer vision, cloud architecture and much more. You will be part of the Machine Learning and Analytics team comprised of experts in the use of AI & ML in the industry, and work with the Kognitwin group to deploy these solutions to a wide group of customers.

Learn more about Kognitwin Energy here Learn more about Kognitwin Grid here
Former summer intern 👨‍💻
KDI is a really interesting company. It was a great pleasure being part of such an exciting project with a fantastic team at Kongsberg Digital this summer! The technology they are working on, 3D technology and the digital twin are really exciting. That’s what made me apply for this summer internship. I strongly recommend you to apply for the summer internship!
Eskil Berg Ould-Saada, Studying Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU Trondheim

Internship positions for Summer 2022 🚀

This internship would typically be ideal for students who have finished their bachelor’s degree or starting their last year of a Master program. Preferably, you have a background in programming/software development and some interest or experience with machine learning. However, most importantly, we are looking for someone who has a passion for using novel technology to help solve complex problems.