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Thesis/ Degree Project: Marketing Material Propulsion Product (Promas)

Are you a student with an interest in marketing? Kongsberg Maritime Sweden AB is now looking for an energetic and creative talent who can be a contributing factor in the process of creating new marketing material and develop the marketing strategy for the Promas product.  If you are up for your thesis/degree project, this is the perfect business case for you. The case can be adapted to fit the level of degree.

Who we are:

Kongsberg Maritime is a global technology company who creates innovative and reliable solutions for maritime customers all over the world. Together we make up for 7300 employees spread out over 34 countries, and we have managed to deliver our products to over 30 000 vessels worldwide. Our establishment in Kristinehamn, Sweden consists of 260 employees spread out over the divisions; sales, development, research, propeller construction, assembly and service of propellers, rudder, waterjet, POD-system and control system.

The case:

Besides construction and sales of products aimed for vessel propulsion, we see the need to create new marketing material and develop the marketing strategy for our Promas product, which is a complement to the propeller, used for increased efficiency. We need to find new and smart methods, material and channels of communicating our product in a way that compares to the world class products we deliver. The over-all goal for the case is to create and harmonize marketing material throughout our organization, so that it may function as a go to standard in promoting the Promas.


The work for the thesis will be aimed towards creating new ideas of marketing the product e.g. videos and other advertising materials. You will conduct benchmarks in both our own branch as well as other comparative branches in order to generate ideas and have a marketing strategy that is up to date. In order to create a harmonized way of communicating our product both internally and externally we also expect you to present ideas and methods of how to reach out in the best way, together with the product sales pitch.

Main areas of focus:

  • Conduct research on available marketing material 
  • Conduct benchmarking in order to map out the marketing situation and get new ideas
  • Generate new marketing material and sales pitch for the Promas product
  • Find new ways in communicating the Product both internally and externally


Since this position enables the work to be carried out on distance, your geographic location is not crucial and guidance from your mentor at Kongsberg may be carried out through e.g. Microsoft Teams. You will also have support and guidance during the rest of the period, but the processes and work itself is up to you to execute. For the most part it will be your own responsibility to solve the featured case (or thesis problem) and get in touch with different roles and functions across the organization.

Who are you?

We seek a powered, flexible and out-going master/bachelor student, preferably in the field of marketing/advertising. To excel in this role, we think that you are a creative and independent person who can organize your work and deliver the requested output in an efficient way.


Compensation is set in relation to credits (i.e. 15hp/30hp).

More about us:

We have been located in Kristinehamn, Sweden for 170 years, and in the year of 1937 we started delivering propellers by the name of KAMEWA. We are now present on the global maritime market where we deliver our world class products together with a great commitment to the global goals concerning sustainable development. For us the oceans and the maritime life are two very important aspects. Therefore, we always aspire to develop products that contribute to reduce the spill and effects on ocean life. Our goal as an employer is to create a workplace free from discrimination, tinged with diversity, experience, new perspectives and different backgrounds. We strive to keep up a work environment where all our employees thrive and feel like they belong, where the will to grow and develop in our company is always encouraged and positively looked upon.

If we have raised your interest please submit your application, no later than 2020-11-02, via our website. Our ambition is to fill this position as soon as possible, therefore selection and interviews may be conducted during the application period.