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Software Developer- Internal Digitalization (KM 19-093)

Kongsberg Maritime delivers and supports thousands of control systems every year. This operation is supported by our internal digitalization department. We analyze the operational demand, develop new digital solutions and ensure lasting improvements.

This position will join our mission to gather non-operational data from all Kongsberg Maritime ships, transport it to shore, update our legacy systems and analyze it to get profound understanding of ourselves.


Main tasks

  • Understand Kongsberg Maritime business by collaborating tightly with them.
  • Utilize our existing digitalization competence and technology to develop solutions instantly
  • Explore new technology to realize our technical strategy



  • Prefer creating small things, in a short time, with a small team
  • Welcome user feedback as a source of insight
  • Understand SW Engineering as a craftsmanship



  • Educated as Bachelor in engineering or equivalent
  • Gravitate towards digitalization, cloud computing, SOA, C# in both LinQPad and Visual Studio
  • Fluent in both norwegian and english language


We offer

  • A professional SW Engineering community with intense customer focus
  • Collective leadership and self-organizing teams
  • An endless stream of opportunities to challenge yourself