RF Engineer

Are you interested in taking part in our journey to develop of state-of-the-art RF products for Space applications?

Missiles & Space is a division of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace with more than 1700 employees both domestically and abroad. We have strong expertise in electronics, mechanics, and system design, and we develop, assemble, test, and deliver world-class products. We supply missiles for integration on vessels, coastal artillery, helicopters, and fighter jets. We deliver electronics and mechanisms for launch vehicles and satellites for applications in communication, meteorology, navigation, Earth observation, and science; ground stations for downloading satellite data; and systems and services for monitoring ports and maritime areas.


Are you interested in taking part in our journey to develop of state-of-the-art RF products for Space applications?


Task may include:

  • Design of RF products, from DC to 50GHz. This could include RF amplifiers, receivers, transmitters, frequency generators and filters
  • Design of RF systems - breaking down customer requirements, analyzing signal chains and signal budgets
  • Design and modeling using various design software (Genesys/ADS/CST/Altium ++)
  • Lab work including RF measurements and characterization of developed hardware
  • Close collaboration with project and customer to find optimal solutions
  • Analysis and documentation according to MIL, ECSS or other relevant standards


Who are you?

  • You are an electrical engineer with a graduate degree (MSc or PhD)
  • You have a positive personality and enjoy working in teams to solve complex challenges
  • You are structured and analytical


You will be able to work in a large group of RF designers, willing to share knowledge and experience. You will have good opportunity for both personal and professional growth in addition to good welfare schemes such as pensions, insurance, health insurance, company cabin, cultural events etc. We are located in Horten, in the middle of Vestfold county. Horten offers nice surroundings, a variety of cultural activities and good upbringing conditions for kids and family. www.visithorten.no


Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is a world leading supplier of analogue and microwave electronic equipment and components for satellites and launchers with 40 years’ experience. Our products are on-board 180 satellites in orbit, as well as on the International Space Station (ISS).


This employment may require security clearance by the Norwegian National Security Authority. For more information visit www.nsm.no