Lead offshore automation innovation at Kongsberg Maritime.

Group Manager - Offshore Production Systems

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) and the business unit Offshore Production Systems (OPS) delivers world leading automation solutions, for process control and safety systems, aimed for oil and gas installations national and internationally. We are now seeking a new Group Manager into our team.

Situations can occur when you are the leader. One of your employees can make a mistake and the customer gets dissatisfied. How do you react? Do you summon the employee to a meeting and tell him/her off? Or do you use this as an opportunity for learning, improvement, and development? Both for the employee and for the processes and knowledge within the company? If you feel you are more of the latter, please keep reading.

Who do we seek?

You should have genuine interest in helping your employees to increase their potential and develop their knowledge. This requires that you take your time getting to know your employees, see their strength and weaknesses, and work together with them to create a motivating and developing work environment.

As a part of our management team, you must have an interest for the subject leadership, and a want yourself to develop and grow within the field. New generations, new social structures and new markets needs a constant evolving corporation. This influences our leadership style and the competence we are looking for. It is important that you are a problem solver and finds it interesting to navigate through changing landscapes. As a part of our leadership team, you must be able to look within your own group, but also look for good solutions outside your own group.

Other requirements are good cooperation and communication skills, because an important part of the job is to establish well-functioning work environment with project and team managers. That is how we can make sure our projects have the right competence at the right time, so that they deliver on their targets.


Wanted qualifications:

  • Strong interpersonal skills: Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, fostering positive relationships and teamwork.
  • Analytical mindset: Proficiency in analyzing situations logically, identifying key issues, and implementing practical solutions.
  • Corporate understanding/knowledge: In-depth understanding of the company's industry, goals, and the role of leadership within it.
  • Leadership development focus: Dedication to employee growth and development, creating a supportive and empowering work environment.
  • Adaptability and problem-solving abilities: Ability to navigate changing environments and find effective solutions to challenges.


This employment may require security clearance by the Norwegian National Security Authority, clearance through Civil Aviation Authority or a background check.


What we can offer:

  • A job where you can engage in both humans and technology
  • An opportunity to participate in a management team and be a part of the development of this and yourself as a leader
  • KONGSBERG is a multinational group anchored in Norway with a lot of internal career options
  • Flexible working hours and possibilities of a “Hybrid Working” deal.


At KONGSBERG, we believe that diversity fuels innovation. We encourage you to apply, even if you do not meet every requirement. Research shows that women and minority groups are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. Your unique perspective is valuable to us. Your skills, attitude and perspective could be exactly what we are looking for!


Work location


Contact person

Elin Trillhus, Department Manager. Phone  +47 400 67 141


Our Automation & Control division develops technology, products, and solutions applicable for maritime vessels, offshore production units, and fisheries & aquaculture. We look at the ocean space as our operating area where we deliver a wide range of products and services. Our deliveries ranges from single products to fully integrated systems and solutions. Automation & Control serve a wide range of market segments. Through our comprehensive portfolio of offerings Automation & Control has been recognized as a world leader in our core markets for the last decades.