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TRULS & TRINE are two different vehicles handled by the same project. The project shall provide unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) running both by remote operator control and autonomous based on way-points and sensors.


The selection and integration of navigation modules, supersonic sensors, HD cameras and LIDAR is a complex challenge, but the project will analyze and utilize all such data to establish topographic understanding for semi- and full autonomous movement using way-points as input. 

Both TRULS and TRINE are small of size and are battery powered.  These two facts increase constraints on the selected solutions compared to larger vehicles.  
The communication to/from the UGV's is also a challenge.  These small systems must use low output RF power and a small antenna close to the ground leading to low bit-rates to get distance. Low bit-rates calls for clever utilization of the available link.  Software for both compression and clever use of transmission resources is part of the project.