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Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing of aero structures is fast growing, and we need to focus on working smarter, more efficient and to find production processes that can be automated.

The summer project “Smart Manufacturing” cover some of the company's current needs and work on real issues, where the work later will be put to use. The students are working in a multidisciplinary team solving specified cases for new and smarter ways to manufacture aero structures.

The project is this year divided into four activities

* Laser assisted masking of composite parts – four students test out equipment for laser projection so that a line is drawn on the part where masking is to be performed.

* Production status reporting – two students create visual reports that show the status of what has been produced in the last days/weeks compared to plan, where the parts are in the production line, etc.

* Proflow:  new solution for production management – Four students are working on rewriting/ re-encoding all work processes for the new system.

* Area planning – A student updates our area plan showing the location of machines and equipment in the factory, and which is used for planning adaptations to changes and increased activity.

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