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Argos is a "see-through-armor"-solution. The core idea is using external cameras to get an outside view of an armored vehicle, and then use sensor fusion to present the data to the user in a meaningful way. The goal is to provide better situational awareness than just using monitors.

This year, we have created an environment to combine and display camera feeds using OpenGL, and we use Oculus Rift DK2 to display it to the user. We can also display information from other systems, such as battlefield management systems, remote weapon stations, navigation, and so on, although at the moment we are just using dummy data.

We have also designed a hardware configuration which should be fast enough to allow users to drive the vehicle using cameras, yet still flexible enough to perform sensor fusion. As of yet, we have not received any camera equipment from our supplier, and are using very cheap webcams as backups. Argos is expected to expand next summer. 

Challenges include mounting the system on a vehicle (most likely a van), performing real-time video stitching on the camera feeds, and integrating other systems and sensors. As the project matures, we also wish to integrate solutions from some of the other summer projects, such as Local Hawk and Coastal Shark.

Argos Homepage: Argos