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The project GreenCatch will investigate regulatory, technological and human aspects on how to supply the world with sustainable seafood – all the way from fish to fork.

The act of fishing is as old as man kind, and the trade of cod dates to the Viking age. However, in the modern age - unsustainable management of the oceans is a threat to the industry. The High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy urge the world to deliver 6 times todays amount of sustainable harvested seafood by 2050, to feed the world in line with the Paris agreement.

KONGSBERG manufacture advanced vessel designs, winch systems, active sonars, echo sounders, catch monitoring instruments and transducers for the world's fishing fleet:

How should tomorrow's operations look like to best tackle the challenge of sustainable growth? What impacts the quotas and regulations? Can new technologies lead to better use of the worlds fishing fleet? Apply for the summer internship GreenCatch and make a difference!

GreenCatch is located in Ålesund and you will also be able to collaborate with other student projects in the area through collaboration with NTNU TEFT lab.