Project Coastal Shark

Dive into the world of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) with the Coastal Shark project internship. Since its inception in 2015, this innovative initiative has been at the forefront of transforming waterjets into autonomous vehicles capable of navigating the seas with precision and efficiency. Join us as we explore the evolution of the Coastal Shark project and the cutting-edge technologies driving its success.

The Coastal Shark project, initiated in 2015, aimed to convert a waterjet into an unmanned surface vessel (USV) capable of remote control and executing various missions. The project's first year focused on establishing circuits and wireless communication for unmanned control, addressing challenges related to implementing external circuits on the waterjet.

Named after the Norse sea giant Ægir, the converted waterjet, Aegir, has undergone several years of development to perform tasks such as route calculation, object detection, and searches autonomously using algorithms. The project began with the reconstruction of a Sea Doo Spark 3-up water-jet, resulting in the creation of Aegir.

The Coastal Shark, a project with KONGSBERG's business area Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, has been ongoing since 2015, with the objective of transforming a water-jet into an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) through mechanical, electrical, and technical innovations. Aegir, named after the Norse sea giant, was developed to perform autonomous missions based on waypoints using navigation algorithms and sensors.

Organized into teams with project leaders and subgroups, students in the Coastal Shark project collaborate to maintain and implement solutions for the vehicle's physical and software components. The project fosters cooperation and autonomous development, allowing students to gain practical experience and contribute to the advancement of unmanned surface vessels.

Job typ: Fulltime, Internship

Duration: Mid-June to mid-August.

Location(s): Kongsberg, Norway

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