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We have strong focus on creating and adopting the newest technologies in software. 

Working with software in KONGSBERG

KONGSBERG can offer challenging responsibilities, a very good working enviroment, the opportunity to have an international career and personal career development. 

We have different SW enviroments focusing on different aspects (Embedded, UI, etc.). There is inspiring interdiciplinary collaboration with other disciplines like Electronics and Cybernetics. And you can see the physical results of what the SW we develop does. 

You will have versatile work tasks and wide variation in challenges, great freedom to influence your everyday work and great responibility! 

Tools and technology 


Mercurial (HG), TFS, ClearCase, Subversion, Git, ClearQuest, Improve, MagicDraw, Tau G2, Visual Studio, QT Creator, Eclipse, Vi(m), Nedit, (X)Emacs. GGC, Multi, Uncrustify, Astyle, pSos toolchain, Ubuntu, VxWorks toolchain, Doors, Jenkins, Linux, Windows, VxWorks, pSos, Integrity, MySQL, Access, MS-SQL, NoSQL, Palamida, QA C++, TotalView, Purify, Quantify, Valgrind, Code Collaborator, GDB, Squish CoCo, QT/Widget, Yocto, JDK, Torque, Python, Perl, MatLab/Simulink, ScrumWorks, Jira, Graphivz, Doxygen, Wiki, FrameMaker. 


Embedded systems, Corba, DDS, Big Data, Authonomy, Cloud, Hardware in the Loop. 

Languages and methodology


C, C++, Ada, Cobol, Java, .NET, JavaScript, JQuery, Phyton, XML, HTML(5). CSS(3), D3, Angular, Rx. NET, TypeScript, F#, UML, OpenGL. 


Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Continuoues Integration, Test-Driven Development, Rapid prototyping, Object Oriented architecture and design, Model-based systems engineering, Model-based design.