WOR Database

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies have been developing a Work-over Riser (WOR) Integrity Management (IM) system for Statoil. The main purpose of this software system is to optimise WOR maintenance based on:

  • Fatigue indication on each WOR component based on usage
  • Registration of number of hours used for each WOR component
  • Tracking of component errors on WOR components

The offshore operator communicates with the WOR database through an offshore web tally and must thus have access to the internet. If internet is not available alternative options are implemented. The operator tells the system where in the tally each WOR component is located. This will enable the WOR database to indicate fatigue life reduction based on the assessment made by the fatigue module.

The onshore operator also communicates with the WOR database through a web tally. The onshore tally enables the onshore supervisor to order WOR components and generate a tally for the next operation. The onshore tally has a tool for automatically selecting the correct WOR components from the ECM system. The purpose of such a tool is to assure that a WOR component operated in a critical part of the tally should be operated in a non critical part of the tally during the next operation.