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The Code of Ethics is primarily a tool to describe and influence KONGSBERG's corporate conduct and culture. Our fundamental values are based on determination, innovation, collaboration and reliability within KONGSBERG and in relation to all our stakeholders. These values shall be the very essence of all our conduct. We will act and deal with people fairly and with respect.

A good reputation

KONGSBERG shall conduct its business activities in an ethical and socially responsible manner. A good reputation for reliability is of the utmost importance for our business activities. Our reputation will ensure support for our views in matters that affect our business and our customer relations, ensure new recruitment and help us retain employees, while safeguarding our credibility with stakeholders. Both within and outside the Group, our relationships shall be characterised by candour and confidence.

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To whom does this Code of Ethics apply?

KONGSBERG's Code of Ethics applies to the Group's directors, management, employees, all casual employees, consultants, agents, lobbyists and others who act on behalf of KONGSBERG. The Group's suppliers are expected to comply with ethical standards comparable to those embodied in KONGSBERG's Code of Ethics. All of them are to be familiar with the Code of Ethics. Managers are responsible for ensuring that the Code of Ethics is reviewed, communicated and observed in their own departments.


The Code of Ethics will be distributed to all employees and be attached to all future employment and temporary employment/consultancy contracts. The Code of Ethics will be attached to agreements associated with the signing of agency contracts, distributor contracts, other representation contracts and supplier contracts.

The Group's Code of Ethics is compatible with the UN Global Compact and the OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and is subject to evaluation and revision, if so required, at least every other year.

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