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 Container ship
 Seabed surveying
 Service engineer, Pascagoula USA
 Detail from Envisat production
 Composite production facility, Kongsberg

Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG) is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, and the defence and aerospace industries.


The Group consists of the following four business areas:

Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations, as well as products and systems for seabed surveying and monitoring, and for fishing vessels and fisheries research. The business area is a market leader in these areas. 

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies provides technology, products and services for surveillance, integration, analysis, simulation, quality assurance, and governance of drilling and production operations.


Kongsberg Defence Systems

Kongsberg Defence Systems is Norway's premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems. The portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles. Kongsberg Defence Systems also makes advanced composites and engineering products for the aircraft and helicopter market. 


Kongsberg Protech Systems

Kongsberg Protech Systems delivers weapon control systems with the highly successful PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station.


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