Missile Systems


The Missile Systems division of Kongsberg Defence Systems has almost 50 years experience from a variety of missile programs. Kongsberg is a world leader in missiles with Infra Red Seekers, which finds wider and wider applications, as users around the world realize the short comings of missiles with radar seekers. The Missile Systems Division applies a wide range of competence and technologies, ranging from Electro-Optics, Automatic Control and Simulation, Electronics, Fluid and Flight Mechanics, Materials and Process Technologies, Light Weight Design, Structural Analysis, Software Development and System Integration. In addition the division has extensive experience in integration of missile systems to flying and surface platforms.


The product range of the Missile Systems Division is:

Penguin Anti Ship Missile

Naval Strike Missile (NSM)

Joint Strike Missile (JSM)

2,75" Precision Guided

BATRAM 1550 - LRF 

Integrated Director Group

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