Defence Communications

K-TaCS: Kongsberg Tactical Communication System


EriTac node

 Typical communication node

KONGSBERG designs and manufactures high quality ruggedized equipment to be used in advanced tactical communication systems.

KONGSBERG supports state-of-the-art IP as well as legacy systems.

KONGSBERG supplies trunked network solutions on Brigade/Battalion level as well as mobile radio solutions.

KONGSBERG tactical communication solutions are found in more than 30 countries and have been available for over 40 years.

KONGSBERG tactical communication solutions are known by the following factors: Easy of operation, fully ruggedized and advanced technology.

KONGSBERG has a commitment to deliver systems that do-the-job.

K-TaCS consists of three product families:

  • EriTacIP: Trunked systems using LOS radios
  • TacLAN: UHF radios with high data capacity
  • MRR: VHF radios with exeptional range

Typical applications for K-TaCS are:

  • Air Defence Systems
  • Wide Area Networks for Army
  • C4I networks

K-TaCS: Ruggedized by Design

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Defence Communications

Drengsrudbekken 12
P.O.Box 35
NO-1371 Asker

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Tel:    +47 32 28 82 00
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