Kongsberg Norcontrol IT revolutionises traffic management with SESAME Straits project

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT - Maritime Surveillance Solutions

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT maritime surveillance solutions improve safety, efficiency and security of maritime transportation and its infrastructure by providing optimal situational awareness.

Our solutions are in service with the world's leading maritime coastal organisations, most successful port authorities, and safest offshore operators.

Kongsberg's advanced solutions and market leader status has been earned through:

  • Experience from over 240 deliveries
  • Ground breaking internal research and development
  • Challenging and cutting edge projects



KNC to revolutionise ship traffic management with launch of SESAME Straits e-Navigation project

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT will lead a ground-breaking three-year project called SESAME Straits (Secure, Efficient and Safe maritime traffic Management in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore), which aims to create solutions to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of ship navigation across the world.
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